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Курсы английского в Санкт-Петербурге
Английский в Санкт-Петербурге
Преподаватель английского

My teaching is about :



...meaningful methodological improvization that might be referred to as Dogmeinstead of one 'miraculous' course-book;


...really effective techniques such as instructional conversation and instructional retelling;


...creative combination of the best practices out of communicative, traditional (grammar-translation) and suggestopedic approaches (principled eclecticism);


...a brave attempt to synthesize teaching English and the format of a business training under the fashionable banner of Demand High;


...quite a noticeable academic bias and somewhat playful psychologism;


...approaching a foreign language as a complex (non-linear and self-organizing) system;


...the view of English grammar that is not entirely devoid of humour;


...undeniable professionalism: I do take pride in having diploma with distiction in teaching and linguistics, International House Certificat in Teaching English to Adults and IELTS Band 8 Academic Module.


...rich and diverse work experience: hundreds if not thousands of private classes, work for a longnumber of language schools and language centres (MBA Consult, Lexicon, Bridge to English, InterPress IH, Didar Language School, Lanto Education, etc.), corporate clients (MarfinBank, Firenzo Medved Group, ASK Teknik and others), skype classes and webinars in Webex (UNIC University as well as independent);


- intensive preparation to different exams including IELTS, TOEFL, BEC, FCE, GMAT Verbal, Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakhstani national examinations, etc.




My interests and hobbies are about:



- reading in five languages: English, German, French, Spanish and native Russian, of course (2013 book list with more than 70 titles - over here);


- learning myself to read in Turkish and Italian (Ilya Frank's Reading Method and paralel texts are extremely helpful);


- all sorts of non-fiction, books on business and TTC Great Courses - yeah, I am that geeky guy who thumbs through university-level textbooks on Pathophysiology and listens to videolectures on Genetics and Advanced Calculus in his leasure time;


- psychological and business trainings (Distance in Syntone in Moscow is a good idea, join in!);


- various sports (gym, swimming, cycling, boxing, jogging);


- sleeping well and healthy lifestyle in general, with occasional fits of clubbing and partying, though;


- travelling if not vagabonding, happy to change the surroundings on a regular basis: in the past seven years or so I have had a chance to live and work in Moscow, Kiev, Almaty, Sochi, Saint Petersburg - my life of a (somewhat digital) nomad goes on...



Oh, btw, my name is Sergey Shandrenko. I was born on March, 8 1986. Curently residing in Tbilisi, Georgia (Rustaveli metro station).


Английский в Санкт-Петербурге
Английский по скайпу
Английский в скайпе


English classes   in Skype



$ 10-15

за 60 мин



(group classes online, in detail)


from $ 7,5

for 80 min.


One-to-one classes in Tbilisi



flexible price range

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WhatsApp or Viber +79251761701


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Репетитор английского в Санкт-Петербурге

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